14 August 2012

Pumapapel Art in Paper at the Yuchengco Museum

A recent visit to the Yuchengco Museum at the RCBC Tower along Ayala Avenue yielded a special treat to lovers of minimalist art.

 The Pumapapel Art of Paper exhibit had mainly white and off-white artworks made of paper.   On the walls clung frames resembling a series of calendar months, each framed sheet with a unique charm of its own.

 Part of the paper exhibit was a collection of paper maché chairs, hanging from the ceiling, joined by paper cuttings creating a gigantic flower—or feathers—depending on one’s perspective.  The lighting is the trick, carefully done, contributing to the ethereal effect.

A set of Honeycomb paper cuttings also hung next to a huge frame of web-like paper, wisps of paper generating a wistful sight. 

 The delicate imposition of ink on most of the paper artworks was interesting, almost a seamless combination. 

Aptly titled, Pumapapel has multi-level meanings.  One meaning is literal, that is ‘turning into paper’, while the other is figurative, that is ‘putting one’s self forward, or presenting one’s self. 

Either way, it is about time that is said of paper.

13 July 2012

Philippine Star's Dream Deals with SMDC

The Philippine Star, in partnership with the SM Development Corporation, staged “Dream Deals”, an open house event showcasing SMDC’s condo collection last weekend.  Held at the SMDC showroom at the Mall of Asia complex, dressed up model units were available for prospective buyers to experience the feel of condo living.  

With SMDC in the lead, sister company BDO was present in providing financial options and home loan offers.  Samsung also joined in the fun event with an amazing display of modern household appliances.  The leading name in technology entertained guests with its latest voice-activated, 3-D wide-screen TVs.

Scouting for the perfect condo, checking out sites, comparing floor spaces, and doing oculars are part of a tedious process that normally gets in the way of purchase.  “Dream Deals” was a one-stop-shop of all things necessary in the purchase of a condo unit under one roof.

Xabi's new shirt

Can't wait for 2012-13 season! Liverpool and Real Madrid! 
Here's Xabi's new shirt. 
I super LIKE!

07 July 2012

A Monster of an Idea, now in the Philippines

In the Philippines, as other parts of the word, luck plays a huge role in almost every sphere.  From the use of innumerable lucky charms to invoking many symbols of auspiciousness, luck is wooed relentlessly.   

Monster Philippines study shows, 76 percent of Filipinos believe that apart from the relevant experience and capabilities, luck plays an important role in getting the job, while 67 percent also believe that luck plays a role in job search.  Monster Philippines’ communication is based on these insights.

Monster Philippines launched Monster Mobile Solutions that boasts of Monster applications across all mobile platforms. The company also launched a WAP portal to help seekers and employers to access www.monster.com.ph from anywhere they are.  Wit this launch Monster Philippines became the first company to have a WAP portal for employers.

Make It Happen, Make It Makati

What once was a transient town, a weekend ghost town, if you will, has now transformed into an all-in-one commercial and residential metropolis.
With strong support by public and private stakeholders of Makati: Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI), and the Makati Commercial Estate Association, Inc. (MACEA), the city recently launched the Make It Happen, Make It Makati campaign to direct traffic—literally, figuratively and digitally—to the city, and to its many charms and still to be discovered secrets. 
Behind the campaign is Ayala Land Inc. (ALI), one of the country’s leading real estate names.   Late last June, Anna Maria Dy, Ayala Land Vice-president and Group Head for Strategic Landmark Management, showed statistics where more than 60% of respondents answered Makati as the city with vision and leadership.   
Check out the ultra-techie website www.makeitmakati.com. 
Using digital, print and mobile media to connect people to the vibrant city via fully interactive, informative, and modern website and social media, plus a full color, glossy magazine -Makati Leads- speak loudly of its young target market. 

03 July 2012

Viva Xabi! Viva España!

Obviously, I am a Xabi Alonso fan.  Numero katorse - No. 14 from Real Sociedad to Liverpool, to Real Madrid, and of course, in La Furia Roja.  [He was briefly no. 23 in Real Madrid as Guti still had claims to no. 14.]

España just made history winning titles 3 in a row.  That's 3 titles in 4 years: Euro 2008, World Cup 2010, and Euro 2012!

Here's the display at the Greenbelt Adidas outlet. 

Xabi was captain of Real Sociedad at the age of 19, and was runner up in La Liga, second only to Real Madrid, pushing his team to Champions League. 

In Euro 2004, he debuted in the Spanish NT.  in 2005, he made the equaliser penalty kick that made Liverpool win the Champions League in 2005.  In 2006, Liverpool won the FA Cup.  Alonso was also in World Cup 2006, where he made a goal. 

He captained the Spanish team against Greece in Euro 2008 and was named Man of the Match.   In 2009, much due to his play, Liverpool just missed top spot in the Barclay's Premier League. 

He was in the starting lineup in World Cup 2010, and in Euro 2012.  In the quarter-final against France, he made 2 goals that sent Spain to the semi-finals against Portugal, where his penalty shootout attempt was saved by Rui Patricio.

Just announced, Xabi is one of the midfielders honored by Euro 2012.  His teammate Andres Iniesta was named Man of the Tournament.

Outside of football, he graces fashion spreads in Spanish magazines.  He's also the endorser of Hugo Boss in Spain.  

21 June 2012

Eats at Monster launch

I love salmon!  At the monster.com.ph launch, this was lunch. Yum!  Filling, tasty, and no bad aftertaste of fish.

The world's oldest online job seeker's market launches its Philippines-devoted site - monster.com.ph - at the New World Hotel, Wednesday 20 June.  

monster.com is grew its base parallel with the world wide web.   initially rolling out in 1994, it was the 454th company that registered its in the www. 

19 June 2012

Intel Ivy Bridge present 3rd generation microprocessors, and the new Ultrabook

At the Intel Ivy Bridge launch in Rockwell last June 15, the leading name in computer innovation introduced the quad-core 3rd generation Intel Core processor family that boasts the best specs in the market to excite legions of users.   

Intel’s Asia Pacific director of product marketing Leighton Phillips was in town to lead the launch.  “This is not a marginal tweak.  This is dramatic change to hit the mainstream computing circuit,” said Phillips.   A veteran with over two decades in the IT industry, Phillips had just come from Computex Taipei, the largest IT, communication tools and equipment showcase in the region.  

From the Ultrabook to smartphones and tablets, extensive funding went to accelerate innovation for this technology, as the shifting demand for devices required the creation of smaller, thinner devices to accommodate mobility.

TEDx@Katipunan Avenue: a parade of game-changers

Thanks to that remarkable lady Harvey Chua for inviting me to watch her husband John Chua's talk at the Ateneo de Manila University at Loyola Heights, Saturday 16 June.

It was an amazing afternoon as a succession of young people took to the stage and simply spoke about simple acts that change lives.

Speakers include Gawad Kalinga British import Dylan Wilk espousing social enterprise.  And also present was the country's youngest mayor, the lady from San Vicente, Palawan Mayor Pie Alvarez, who came to office at the age of 22.   Alvarez encourages young people to enter politics to start a revolution of youth in public service.

'Wear Local' advocate of Postura Project Arriane Serafico, aka the Jumping Model was a delight in her standard colorful clothes and high heels.  Chief Mermaid of Save Philippine Seas, and globally acknowledged/awarded environmentalist Anna Oposa was feisty, funny, and totally female.

Then there was 25-year media veteran Maria Ressa whose slight frame stood tall in rallying journalists to have integrity: 'No to Envelopmental Journalism!' the CNN/ABS-CBN, now Rappler head, says.

John Chua, advertising photographer, citizen activist, was a standout.  He's the quintessential Achiever.  Aside from his 'pet elephant' Maali of the Manila Zoo, Chua has other advocacies that are jaw-dropping.

Totally oblivious to barriers, Chua has changed the lives of PWDs (people with disabilities) and their families, and the people who sign up to help.  John's aptly co-acronymed Photography With a Difference wows and moves people to action, and big name brands are in on it, too!

Forming a coalition group of PWDs: children with cancer, the hearing-impaired, blind, autistic, and the like, lives have been given gifts of memorable experience.  In this case, Chua's drive has enabled these children to 'take to the skies', literally the gift of flight.

Chua also introduced the Batad Weekend Warriors, a movement where volunteers travel to Batad, one of the regions of the Banaue Rice Terraces.  For a long time now, huge portions of the rice terraces have been falling apart due primarily to lack of government rehabilitation funds.

"Our forefathers built the rice terraces without government funding!  Why are we waiting for that?!," the photographer asked incredulously. 

15 June 2012

Okuya Bento fills a spot

It's mid-week, and at an event ingress that lasts way into the night, it's eat the first thing in sight. Or the nearest.  Or both.

At the MOA foodcourt, I tried out Okuya Japanese food.  The tuna teriyaki is cooked upon order, but just around 5 minutes of wait.

Big plate of beans sprouts, lots of rice, and thick slices of tuna.  Enough for a big appetite. Yum! 

Oh, and the pancit was a welcome treat.  [It was supposed to be Japanese glass noodles.. ssshhhh.]

GA Printing at the 17th Graphic Expo

One of the country's premier printing company, GA Printing takes part in the 17th Graphic Expo at the SMX.  Silently collecting a number of international industry awards, GA Printing puts the precious trophies on display.

Well known in the industry for quality printing, technical leadership, and attention to detail in all its projects, GA Printing is also gaining ground in creative design.

At the Graphic Expo, GA Printing showcases its extensive product line that includes digital photo books and album, embossed and die-cut and foil stamping specializations.  Also on the shelves are personalized print products including name cards, blank cards and stationery.

Commercial print products are a hit with clients, as GA Printing churns out finely crafted planners, business cards, company letterheads, and annual reports.

It was a successful exhibit as the collection of its best work attracted a lot of interest.   Exhibitors and guests flocked to the booth and checked for themselves the fine sampling of paper, color, and cover textures available for all types of print jobs.

17th Graphic Expo

The 17th Graphic Expo at the SMX from June 14 to 16 partners for the first time with the 3rd Photo Video Expo and Print Tech Manila's 9th Printing Packaging Plastic Paper and Paper Products exhibition.
Organized and presented by Norelyn Babiera, VP of Fiera de Manila, the 17th Graphic is a yearly event that gathers the country’s printing and graphic design industries under one roof.   Large format printer distributors display the speed, precision and durability of their high-tech equipment.   

Offset and digital printing companies, like GA Printing, are also on-hand to feature the fine craftsmanship and creative designs in paper and printing products like digital photo albums, calendars, business cards, invitations and flyers, as well as an extensive commercial and professional stationery sets.

Fiera de Manila president Mario Babiera told guests and speakers that the event “is to showcase the seamless link of technology and creativity, as well as a great way to network.”